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About Us

Offroad auto wash is the first service that cleans cars and motorcycle spesifically for offroad. Focuses on descaling and sludge removal from vehicle. provide services to clean the interior, exterior, engine, and wax on your offroad vehicle.

Our Features

High Quality Vacuum Cleaner

To clean the interior of the car such as: upholstery, carpet, dashboard and between parts / parts of the interior of the car.

High Pressure Power Washer

Cleaning tools that use high pressure water. So that your car or motorbike is clean and looks cool

Robotic Car Wash

Save your time. Make your life more practical, because you don’t have to get out of the car during the car wash process.

Car Wash Shampoo

cleaning that is difficult to clean such as mud, sand, on the exterior of off road cars & bikes

Services and Pricing


100% hand car wash and tire detailing
  • Bike : 50.000
  • Off Road Small : 120.000
  • Off Road Medium : 150.0000


Product service that detailing every part in the car
  • Off road small : 110.000
  • Off road medium : 140.000

Engine Detailing

Cleaning the engine room from oil crust, fungus, mud, etc.
  • Bike : 100.000
  • Off road small : 280.000
  • Off road medium : 300.000

The Benefit You Get

Competitive Pricing

On- Time Completion

100 % Satisfication Guarantee

Top Quality Product and Equipment

Quality Control Check

Special Technics

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